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We make great FMCG sauces at the best prices for Food Businesses.

The Idea is Simple

We are building a customer base of Food Service Businesses across major cities in Africa leveraging our (great) FMCG products and strategic retail partnerships.

Why? Because the bulk consumption of Sauces & Spices happen in cities by these Businesses.




Our Objectives

Economic Competitiveness - The Agric&Culture Company


Ensuring that we exist not just to effectively reach out to our suppliers and our different customers, but also to matter to them in ways that can help them become better.

Relevance - The Agric&Culture Company

Economic Competitiveness

The team sees Advanced Technology, Education, Collaborations, among others; as means to drive highly optimized economic competitiveness.

Local Patronage - The Agric&Culture Company

Local Patronage

Patronising Local Manufacturing and Supporting the Local Agricultural Value Chain as much as we can. This includes but not limited to Farmers, Suppliers, Relevant partners etc.

Health, Safety and Scale - The Agric&Culture Company

Health, Safety and Scale

Providing Quality and Safe FMCG Food Products to serve the Nigerian and eventually, the Export Markets.


One great competitive edge Food Service Businesses can have with their meals is Taste; and Sauces & Spices are where the biggest taste advantages lie.

Uto! Real Mayonnaise

Whether it is used for bread, salads, Shawarmas or any other amazing food that you love. Our Creamy and Rich Mayonnaise with its lemony sweetness is sure to serve you another idea of what mayo can really be.

Daalu Classic Mayonnaise

Our Creamy, Tasty & Affordable Classic Mayonnaise. Designed primarily for Low-end Food Service Businesses.

Uto! Ketchup (Regular & Spicy)

Let's take you into the sweetness of tomatoes. The idea is to offer another side to this amazing everyday fruit. A more pleasant and beautiful side.

UTO! Ketchup - The Agric&Culture Company

Coming (Not too soon).

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