Our Mission

We Believe That Good Food is Nutritious Food. Our Intention is to Contribute to Make Good Food Affordable, Delicious and Interesting, Everyday.

The Idea is Simple

Just play with food. Food that honours our palates and our well-being. Food that honours our heritage
and interests. Food that is Good and then lay it to rest with the people that need it.


If your intention is to nurture the health of a child and then you place before the child a bowl of fresh vegetables and a bowl of chocolates, which do you think the child will consume?


We think the Child is always likely to go for the bowl of chocolates. This is not because a child cannot be made to understand that the vegetables are a healthier option, but because for most children, chocolates taste a lot better than vegetables.


Now, Chocolates are not bad in their entirety. And one good reason chocolates have come to stay is because food lovers and leaders have through time and modification, found interesting ways to make chocolates ever delicious and affordable.


The idea then is not to replace vegetables with chocolates, but rather, to find really interesting and creative ways to make vegetables so appealing to a child while still retaining its richness and vitality.


At Agric&Culture, we believe that this principle can be applied to our essential meals. One major reason why we are working everyday to contribute to making good food interesting, delicious and affordable, everyday - so that it can always appeal to that child in every one of us.


Whether it is used for bread, salads, Shawarmas or any other amazing food that you love. Our Creamy and Rich Mayonnaise with its lemony sweetness is sure to serve you another idea of what mayo can really be.

UTO! Mayonnaise - The Agric&Culture Company

Chilli Mayo:

An interesting recipe - made from a combination of Mayo, Chilli, Garlic and other interesting spices. It only has but one wish - to take your vegetables and pastries from good to great.

UTO! Chilli Mayo - The Agric&Culture Company


Let's take you into the sweetness of tomatoes. The idea is to offer another side to this amazing everyday fruit. A more pleasant and beautiful side.

UTO! Ketchup - The Agric&Culture Company