Have you ever wondered how different forms of plant and animal life are nurtured on a farm somewhere,
and their interesting journey to your life as food or shelter or clothing?

At the Agric&Culture Company, we are deeply connected to this idea and that is why our PRIMARY AIM is to explore our
agricultural systems and and how they relate with our Human and Cultural Values.

We intend to start with food and its journey from the farm to our plates with a MISSION to contribute to making
good food interesting, affordable and delicious, everyday.

Our Objectives

Economic Competitiveness - The Agric&Culture Company


Ensuring that we exist not just to effectively reach out to our suppliers and our different customers, but also to matter to them in ways that can help them become better.

Relevance - The Agric&Culture Company

Economic Competitiveness

The team sees Advanced Technology, Education, Collaborations, among others; as means to drive highly optimized economic competitiveness.

Local Patronage - The Agric&Culture Company

Local Patronage

Patronising Local Manufacturing and Supporting the Local Agricultural Value Chain as much as we can. This includes but not limited to Farmers, Suppliers, Relevant partners etc.

Health, Safety and Scale - The Agric&Culture Company

Health, Safety and Scale

Providing Quality and Safe Agricultural Products to serve the Nigerian and eventually, the different African Markets.

Our Process Principles

On Honour - The Agric&Culture Company


"Always, Seek First to Understand."
If a colleague comes up with a suggestion, it pays foremost to first of all, see it from where the individual is speaking. Everyone gets to suggest, therefore, everyone should seek first to understand – and then, watch ideas get discovered and properly refined in the process.

"Honour is Thoughtful, Honour is Patience."

On Sharing - The Agric&Culture Company


"One Profound Way Through Which We Truly Become Better."
Teaching is Sharing. Progress is Sharing. Partnerships is Sharing. It can be said as the fundamental idea behind growth, sustainability and speed. Sharing saves time. Sharing creates belonging. And it works well with trust - the understanding that another can know, grow and become.

"It is Only Fair to Share."

The Agric&Culture Company
On Change - The Agric&Culture Company


"Meaningful Changes Will Occur.
Be Open to Them."

Today's solution can become tomorrow's problem for we can never know everything. One reason why we will always stay open to meaningful changes to our minds, our processes and our products.
Interesting can be lost without change. Better cannot be sustained without change.

"Nothing Is Set In Stone."

On Ideation - The Agric&Culture Company


"Always Stay Open to Suggestions."
We are constantly seeking improvements to our products, processes and our people. One reason why we believe that the best ideas are those that always stay open while also maintaining the strongest connection to the vision of the company.

"Treat Your Ideas like Software"

As our company grows, so will our people, our products and our systems. We can only get better.